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H&H Sports and Loan

Get The Money You Need Today

Receive a short-term loan

Bad credit or no credit? No problem! You can get a fast and easy 90-day pawn loan on your valuable items. There are no credit checks, no hassles, and when you pay off your balance, you get your item back.  

Sell to us

If you have broken jewelry or electronics that you no longer use, bring them to us. You'll get a

top-dollar offer when you sell to us. Clear up space in your home and put money in your pocket today!

Sell or get a loan on:

• Guns and rifles

• Musical instruments and cases

• Broken or used jewelry

• Hand and power tools

• Electronics

• Antiques and collectibles

See the difference in our service

Low Prices



Choose a team with over 30 years of industry experience.

Best Offers  

Get the best offer for your items GUARANTEED.

Find everything you're looking for at the lowest prices around.

Trade your old item for something you want in our store.

If you have an emergency or you just need extra money, come to us for a fast and easy pawn loan. Simply bring your items of value in to us; we'll evaluate them, and make you a top-dollar offer. If you accept, you'll get the cash you need immediately!

Convenient Front Door Parking!!!

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